US Census Bureau for 2020

What an honor to be selected to translate content for the US Census Bureau’s 2020 Census Operations! Whether through the Internet, telephone, or traditional paper questionnaires, the Census Bureau is committed to making the mandatory once-a-decade headcount quick, easy, and secure for all to participate. Traditionally, for decades, the Census Bureau has sent out paper questionnaires by mail to the population. For the 2020 Census, the Census Bureau is planning to use current technology to reach out to respondents and process data much faster, efficiently and in a more cost-effective way. For this decade’s project, we are helping the US Census Bureau translate their demographic market surveys and FAQ’s into Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Tagalog and Vietnamese.

Three Year Translation Contract with USDA – FSIS

I’m really thrilled to announce that Lanza was awarded a three year translation contract with USDA – FSIS. In 2012 we did a tiny “foot in the door project” for FSIS, translating a newsletter from Greek into English. Since then, we’ve been translating mostly slaughterhouse audits and legal documents from partner countries into English, from many different languages, including Chinese, Icelandic, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Portuguese, Romanian, Polish, and Spanish. It took 5 years of working on micro purchases and little jobs to get this contract, building trust, showing that we are a reliable partner, and can produce valid, reliable translation, often on short notice. I’m very grateful and psyched for this partnership, and I feel like we are helping with very important work, not for the “US Government” per se, but for everyone that consumes meat in the United States. Slaughterhouse audits have graphic photography, intense stuff, which definitely makes it more interesting and fun.

Translation job with U.S. Air Force

The mission of the United States Air Force is to fly, fight and win…in air, space and cyberspace. Lanza Language is pleased to have been awarded a job with the Air Force to translate one of their brochures into French and Arabic, highlighting training courses focused on International Military Education and Training. This will be our first job with the U.S. Air Force. We appreciate their trust! Our translation will support DIMO (Defense Institute for Medical Operations) which offers training courses on WMD Medical Planning, Health Systems Management, Patient Transport and Evacuation, and Global Health Engagement.

Government of Trinidad and Tobago

Lanza just got a new job with the Government of Trinidad and Tobago, the island nation off the coast of Venezuela. Lanza will be providing Spanish<>English simultaneous interpreting for a small delegation in Washington, DC for the Hemispheric Forum, conducted in partnership with the Government of Trinidad and Tobago, who will be hosting next year’s Twelfth Conference of Defense Ministers of the Americas (CDMA XII). During the Hemispheric Forum, panelists will discuss proposed thematic axes for the CDMA XII: the changing international defense and security environment; hemispheric security and defense cooperation policy; and environmental protection and resilience. Although Lanza will be providing Spanish <> English interpreting, the official language of Trinidad and Tobago is English.

Translation into 5 languages – Port Security Management, USCG

Very honored that we have again been selected to translate Port Security content for the US Coast Guard. This time we will be translating port security management information into Spanish, French, Portuguese, Albanian, and Indonesian, almost 400,000 words total.

The U.S. Coast Guard is one of the five armed forces of the United States and the only military organization within the Department of Homeland Security. Since 1790 the Coast Guard has safeguarded our Nation’s maritime interests and environment around the world. The Coast Guard is an adaptable, responsive military force of maritime professionals whose broad legal authorities, capable assets, geographic diversity and expansive partnerships provide a persistent presence along our rivers, in the ports, littoral regions and on the high seas. Coast Guard presence and impact is local, regional, national and international. These attributes make the Coast Guard a unique instrument of maritime safety, security and environmental stewardship.

Defense Security Cooperation Agency

After a lot of research and hard work, Lanza was awarded a contract with DSCA (Defense Security Cooperation Agency). Lanza will be providing State Department certified simultaneous interpreters to facilitate communication during the WSDS (Washington Security and Defense Seminar). WSDS brings together 73 participants from 19 countries in the Western Hemisphere diplomatic community for an intensive week-long course on the formulation of U.S. security and defense policy for the region. Over the coming week, participants will gain perspectives on U.S. national objectives, strategies, policy guidelines, and the dynamics of decision making.

Lanza is Honored by Veterans Affairs Translation Job

Lanza was recently given the responsibility to translate a guide for  VA – MIRECC  (Mental Illness Research, Education and Clinical Centers). MIRECC was established by Congress with the goal of researching the causes and treatments of mental disorders, using education to put new knowledge into routine clinical practice in the VA. Specialized mental health centers of excellence (MH CoE) are an essential component of VA’s response to meeting the mental health needs of Veterans. Lanza is translating MIRECC’s guide to help children cope with the tragedy of attempted suicide within their family.

Great Testimonial from US Coast Guard Commander

Just a great comment / testimonial from one of our clients that I wanted to share: “As the end user of the products translated by Lanza Language, I am very pleased with their professionalism. I felt they were attentive and completely responsive throughout our contract. I would be honored to have them translate our material in the future.” – Mr. Eric May, Lieutenant Commander, US Coast Guard, Atlantic Area

Thank you Eric, WE would be honored.

Yellowstone National Park – Guide Book translation into 4 languages

Very proud to report that Lanza just got an interesting new job translating for America’s first National Park! Lanza will translate Yellowstone National Park’s 75 page Visitor’s Guide Book into Mandarin, Japanese, Portuguese and French. Yellowstone was established as America’s first National Park, in 1872, mainly because the majority of the world’s geysers are preserved there. Yellowstone is a mountain wildland, home to grizzly bears, wolves, and herds of bison and elk. The park is the core of one of the last, nearly intact, natural ecosystems in the Earth’s temperate zone.

DHS – Coast Guard contract award

It’s been a great month for Lanza, which is a relief after a somewhat slow (relaxing?) Summer. The most recent good news is that we were just informed that Lanza will be awarded the contract to translate the Department of Homeland Security – US Coast Guard’s International Port Security’s Objectives worldwide. This encompasses over 300,000 words (over 1000 pages) of Drills & Exercises, Port Engagement Strategy and Seminars translated into French, Indonesian, African Portuguese and Spanish. A tremendous honor to be serving DHS – USCG and supporting them in their (our) mission.