Lanza was founded in 1998 in order to help integrate non-English speaking employees into their work organization, by way of on-site language classes, trainings, translation and interpretation. Our first client was HCR Manor Care, where we provided English classes for Spanish-speaking employees. In 1999 Lanza was recognized by the Denver Business Journal and honored with their Most Innovative New Business Services award. Shortly thereafter, Lanza began working with Whole Foods Market to provide their comprehensive employee training and orientation in Spanish. As many as 30% of their employees at the renowned Pearl Street location did not speak English well enough to be trained in English, so Lanza trained them in their native Spanish. It was not long before Lanza began translating Whole Foods’ training materials and handbook into Spanish, as well as provide trainings for the Southwest (now Rocky Mountain) region, and Whole Foods’ flagship store in Austin, TX. Working with Whole Foods Market led to more work with Alfalfas, Safeway, and Ideal Market.

In 2004 Lanza began working with Noodles & Company, providing interpretation, translation, and their jointly developed Spanish Human Resources Hotline. In order to provide HR services to all of its employees, Noodles relies on Lanza to provide a virtual Spanish-speaking HR department, whereby Lanza receives calls from Spanish-speaking employees around the country and transcribes and translates their important messages for Noodles’ Human Resource department. As support for this services, Lanza provides interpreters to Noodles’ more than 240 stores in 18 states.

By 2005 Lanza was offering translation in many languages besides Spanish, and in 2009 Lanza was awarded a contract for translation with the State of Minnesota, to translate a wide variety of documents into Somali, Burmese, Karen, Vietnamese, and Hmong for the Department of Health and Human Services. A year later Lanza was awarded its first Federal contract for translation with the United States Army Corp of Engineers, to translate their 1050 page technical safety handbook. In March of 2012 Lanza was awarded GSA contract for Language Services.

April 2012

Lanza awarded first GSA contract, with the US Army, Life Sciences division of Dugway Proving Grounds (DPG) to provide six months of Japanese interpreting.

May 2012

Lanza awarded translation contract with USDA-FSIS (Food Safety and Inspection Services) to translate the Gazette of the Hellenic Republic from Greek into English.

July 2012

Lanza awarded contract with the US Army, SIGIR (Special Inspector General for Iraqi Reconstruction) to translate quarterly audit reports into Arabic. These reports summarize SIGIR findings including audits, inspections, investigations, and analysis of data and developments related to Iraq reconstruction progress. They are available for reading or download at the SIGIR website.