Human Resources Hotline

Does your organization have an open door policy? What if your employees don’t speak English? How do you mitigate the risks associated with employing people with whom you can’t communicate? All of your employees should have access to their Human Resource Department. The Spanish HR phone makes sure that every Spanish-speaking employee is represented and accounted for, at a fraction of the price of hiring a bilingual employee. Lanza’s Spanish HR Phone connects HR to their Spanish-speaking employees, making your employees safer, more comfortable and more productive.

Types of issues handled by the HR phone:

  • Employee and manager disputes
  • Safety issues
  • Payroll / Benefits questions
  • Harrassment
  • Questions about vacation or time off
  • Scheduling issues
  • Compliance issues
  • Workers compensation

You can be set up in a day:

  1. Lanza sends you a toll free number
  2. Your employees call the number (anonymously if they want) to reach a voicemail box with your outgoing message in Spanish
  3. Lanza talks to the employee and discovers the issue
  4. We communicate the issue to HR and follow their instructions, delivering your message to your employee
  5. The messages are translated and transcribed so that you have a record of the calls you receive. This information can be used to detect trends in your workforce and areas that need improvement.

Examples of calls received:

“I can’t make it into work today, but my son is sick and I need to stay home. I haven’t found someone to cover my shift. If I don’t show up for work I’m going to get in trouble.”

“My manager was yelling at my coworkers and me, and he started throwing things and we were scared and left. I like my job but I don’t know what to do.”

“I want to change my health benefits but I don’t know how and I know that we need to do it by next week.”

“There is a man that works at (our facility) and he never leaves me alone while I’m working, he says nasty things to me and I just want to work, but I can’t and he’s been doing this for a few years and I just don’t know what to do anymore, but I can’t tolerate this anymore.”

“The Spanish HR Phone enables communication between our Spanish speaking workforce and our English speaking management. We now have the means to understand and address the issues that affect our team members everyday.” –Vice President of Human Resources

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